Friday, February 1, 2008

Live at a Comic Convention Near You...?

Hi. Hope you had a good holiday. We adopted a Wii. Surprisingly, I haven't abandoned writing to perfect my fencing technique against Sonic or Mario.

In fact, over the holidays, I finished "No Good Deed" (formerly "Penance"), which completes Season Two of Times. Now, I've embarked on another script after a discussion that Steve Wilson and I had during a recent recording session. (Planet of Dark Shadows. Star Trek meets Dark Shadows. Pure, delightful farce. Look for it on libsyn; it should be posted in the next few weeks.)

Anyway, between takes, Steve brought the possibility of mounting live Times performances at comic-book conventions. He's staged live performances of The Arbiter Chronicles at s-f cons in the past, but never really entertained the notion of doing live Times shows whenever I brought it up. (I'm not surprised. It's a huge undertaking for a small troupe.) Nevertheless, since I have always wanted to get comic fans to check us out, I was still receptive to the idea.

Which brings me to what I'm working on now: our "roadshow," a script with a cast and effects that can be easily transported from village to village. I thought about adapting an existing script, but then worked up a long-dormant idea that I could actually set at a comic con and provide opportunities for willing creators to get in on the fun in guest roles.

And that's where I am right now. I'm not divulging the nature of the show, but I think Steve, the Prometheus crew and any audience that sees it will enjoy it.

I hope you'll be among them. I'll let you know how it goes.

-- L.