Monday, May 28, 2007

Hey! Who Asked About Us at Balticon? Was It You?


I wasn't able to make it to this year's edition of Balticon, the Baltimore-Washington area's premier s-f blowout, but through the generosity of one of my partners-in-crime (yes, you, Sharon Van Blarcom, thank you!), a bunch of Times lanyards and fliers did make the show, as did the show's biggest supporter, my wife Cindy, as she was producing a live gig there for the Prometheus bunch.

So Cindy gets home from the con last night, and she tells me that:
- Out of the 125 or so Times lanyards I gave Sharon on Friday, five were left;
- There were "a few" Times fliers left for the flier table;
- One person remarked that the concept was one he hadn't heard of before for superhero stories; and
- Someone we didn't know at all actually asked Steve Wilson, "When's the next SuperHuman Times episode coming on?"

Figures that the cons I miss are the ones where people talk about the show.

Anyway, if you took a lanyard/flier/both at Balticon, and/or were curious enough to hit the website or MySpace page for more information: Welcome! And in case you were the one who asked: the next episode, "Servant Problem," should hit the 'net in a few short weeks (and I'm overestimating because I want to help Steve maintain his rep as a miracle worker; he's probably already finished it).

Next: I'm set on finishing a one-shot by July 4th, followed by a vacation in August, then proceeding to the next multi-parter -- one I've been waiting to write literally since the beginning of Times.

Hope your summer's just as much fun, and that you'll spend part of it listening to our show.

-- L.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yay! "Servant Problem" Begins Production!


Thursday night, we started production on the third Times story, the one-shot titled "Servant Problem." If you like old-fashioned screwball comedies like "My Man Godfrey" and "Bringing Up Baby" (ask your parents or grandparents if you don't know those movies), you'll enjoy this when it's done.

I don't say this because I wrote it, but because after hearing John Weber record the lead role of Cabot -- a butler with a rather large problem courtesy of his former employer -- I have every confidence that it will play better on audio than it does on the page. Of course, the fact that he has a hell of a supporting cast will just make it more entertaining.

(Okay, there is one ham in our cast who chews the scenery like it's penny candy when his supervillain character is visited by Cabot in prison, but I'll let you judge that performance on its own merits/flaws.)

When it’s ready (which should be pretty soon), you’ll hear about it here. And, of course, here (where you'll find our pilot, "True North" and the three-parter, "Risk Management") and on MySpace.

Be there, and be sure to tell your friends: Fun Times are ahead!

-- L.