Sunday, April 8, 2007



I just listened to the third and final installment of our second SuperHuman Times story, "Risk Management." (You haven't heard it? Don't you read my MySpace bulletins? Shame!) With that, all three episodes are now available for free download. You can grab them via the podcast page of the Times website.

And with that, we did something I never thought we'd actually do.
We moved forward with SuperHuman Times.
We moved beyond the pilot, "True North," and we actually took our second step into the Times universe.

Not that I ever doubted the ability of Steve Wilson and the Prometheus crew to pull all this together, but given the other commitments everyone was facing -- both with respect to producing other Prometheus shows, and with respect to dealing with real life (we don't do this for a living, ya know) -- I think it's pretty impressive. At least, I'm impressed by them. I've had so many ideas and best-laid plans crash and burn for so many different reasons over the years that seeing all this happen is a real thrill.

Hopefully, Steve and the gang will be ready for what I throw at them next because, between the podcasts of "True North" and "Risk Management," I finished two more scripts -- a one-shot and another three-parter (the latter of which Steve's probably gonna roll up and jam down my windpipe for its technical challenges).

But that's my problem. That and figuring out which voices in my head get to tell their story next. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

-- L.